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Messenia, Kalamata & Environs

Messenia, Kalamata & EnvironsMessenia, Kalamata & Environs

Messenia, Kalamata & Environs, the newest chapter to be added to this website, was almost entirely written by my longtime friend and fellow philhellene, writer Gillian Bouras. Bouras, a teacher and award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction, was born in Melbourne in 1945, and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education from the University of Melbourne. In 1980, she moved from Australia to Greece with her family. She has three sons, two of whom were born in Melbourne; the youngest was born in Athens.

View from Koroni towards Kalamata

Her journalism has been published in six countries, and she has written eight books: A Foreign Wife (1986), A Fair Exchange (1991), Aphrodite and the Others (1994), A Stranger Here (1996), Starting Again (1999), and No Time for Dances (2006), all published by Penguin Books Australia. A novel for children, Saving Christmas, (2000) was published by the University of Queensland Press; Hachette/Lothian publishes Aphrodite Alexandra (2007), another children’s book. Bouras lives in the Peloponnese, Greece, and visits Australia at irregular intervals.

Gillian Bouras’s informative chapter on “her neck of the Greek woods” is followed by an essay contributed by another current resident of Messenia, Greek/American poet, Vassilis Zambaras. I am greatly indebted to both these friends of mine for writing so knowledgably and sensitively about a part of Greece I love, but do not know as well as I might and, certainly, unlike them, like the back of my hand.

(Author Photo: Kate Armstrong)

Gillian Bouras