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Gillian Bouras recently visited the following two hotels in Kalamata City proper, and recommends them:

Comfy Hotel

Corner of Kritis and Vyronas streets, Kalamata City

Tel: 27210 90128; Fax 27210 90036;;

While the name of the hotel, which is in partnership with the larger Messenian Bay Hotel farther round the coast from the city, may seem rather twee, the establishment is anything but. It is brand-spanking new, built along spare and interesting post-modern lines. Its mere 16 rooms have many perks (though internet access is confined to the ground floor). A roof terrace bar and pool afford panoramic views of Messenia Bay, which is an easy five minutes’ walk away.

Hotel Rex

26 Aristomenous Street, Kalamata City

Tel: 27210 94440; Fax 27210 23293;;

This attractive neo-classical high-rise has been part of the Kalamata cityscape since 1899, but has been completely refurbished and renovated several times since the 1986 earthquake. Open year-round, the Rex provides very comfortably for both tourist and business clientele alike, with all the expected perks—including internet access in the rooms; plus Jacuzzi tubs in the suites. There’s an in-house dining room and popular coffee-bar downstairs. . .and the city’s No. 1 bus passes the front door (though visitors may reach most everything of interest in the city on foot).

The following hotels are recommended by your overall site editor, Elizabeth Boleman-Herring. Please, please book well ahead through my Athenian travel agents as room availability at these hotels, and those above, is extremely limited in peak season.

Achilles Hotel

Methoni Village

Tel: 27230 31819;;

A small, humble but pleasant village hotel, but within walking distance of the castle and beach.

View beachward from The Filoxenia Hotel

Filoxenia Hotel

Navarino Street (On the Beach), Kalamata City

Tel: 27210 23166;;

This is my husband’s and my preferred hotel in Kalamata. It’s a five-star establishment, with all the perks, and you walk out your door right (past the pools) onto the endless Kalamata beach. Renovated in the past year to Classical Hotels of Greece chain standards, this is a very comfortable nest, indeed, and Kalamata’s one truly deluxe hotel.

Kapetanakos Tower Hotel Areopolis The Mani

Kapetanakos Tower

Areopolis Town (in Laconia/The Mani)

Tel: 27330 51233; Fax 27330 51401

If you yearn to spend a night or two in one of The Mani’s actual tower-fortresses, here’s your chance. The Kapetanakos Tower dates from 1865: there are only seven rooms, but they are lovingly restored and offer many modern amenities.

Kastro Maïni

Areopolis Town (in Laconia/The Mani)

Tel: 27330 51238;;

This is a good jumping-off-place for those touring The Mani. It’s an elegant, small, traditionally appointed hotel: nice pool; nice staff, and right in the heart of charming Areopolis.

Kyrimai Hotel Gerolimenas


Gerolimenas Village (The Mani)

Tel: 27330 54288; Fax: 27330 59338;;

The Kyrimai—way out at the very end of Laconian Mani, on a gorgeous little cove—is one of my favorite hotels in Greece. It’s a restored “castle” (well, not really—but every structure in The Mani, commercial or residential, was fortified in centuries past), run by descendants of the original family who lived and worked here: Nick and Aris Kirimis. The rooms are splendid; the views are splendid; the pool and bountiful breakfast are splendid; and, after all the driving you did to get down here, stay a few days.