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Cafés and Restaurants in Hora

AndrosCafés and Restaurants in Hora

At the far southern end of town is the Plateïa Kaïri and its little circle of cafés. O Platanos and Nostalgia are two good places for coffees, snacks and even waffles, brownies, chocolate mousse and, would you believe, hot dogs? En route to the square you may want to stop in at the Art Café to check your e-mail.

Art Café habitues

After dark, in season, however, spray some Deet on your ankles before sitting down at the computers: Andriot mosquitos are fierce. There are a handful of restaurants I like in or near Hora. At Nimborio, The Mezedopoleïon Ononas (Tel 22820 23577) is a tiny “ouzerie and snackery” that specializes in hors d’oeuvres and seafood. Eleni Michalis and her daughters Koula and Fotini will tell you what’s fresh that day. Near Plateïa Thertouzos, also in Nimborio, is Ioannis and Stella Mendrinou’s Palinorio Restaurant Bar (Tel 22820 22881), my husband’s favorite place to eat on Andros. There are a plethora of Greek specialties, salads doused in capers, draught beer…and Stella, glorious Stella! (By the way, use the restaurant’s business card to learn the names of the various Greek winds.)

Platanos offerings, in season

Stella and Ioannis Mendrinou

The chic, Athenians-haunted Cabo Del Mar Restaurant Bar (Tel 22820 25001; Fax 22820 29260), just above Nimborio, is run by Andriotes Ioannis Valmas and Dimitris Paschalis. My Greek parea (group of good friends) and I had some delicious, creative dishes here one recent summer, and the wine, from Paeania, was a dream. A few miles above Hora on the back road to Mesathouri/Batsi is the dramatically perched Asimolefka (Silver Birches) or Bozakis Restaurant (Tel 22820 24150). Arrive while it’s still light so you can enjoy the view. The fare is pretty basic, but it’s a good, reasonable, family-owned taverna run by Michalis and Sophia Bozakis.

September view of Hora


The village of Stenies, and its nearby beach of Yialyia, are about 3.5 miles (6 kilometers) northwest of Hora. Certainly the most beautiful village on the island, and perhaps the wealthiest, Stenies is a botanist’s dream. Poinsettias, cherry and pomegranate trees, and a profusion of snapdragons make Stenies an aromatic oasis in summer. When you walk into the village (and it is closed to almost all wheeled traffic), you will find a pleasant place to drink coffee under an 18th-century plane tree in the town square.

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